EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

The ECSA v9 penetration testing course is designed to enhance the skills based competency of a penetration tester. Unlike the previous version of ECSA exam, in the new ECSAv9, a student will only be allowed to challenge the ECSA exam after meeting certain eligibility requirements.

ECSA/LPT is a security class like no other! Providing real world hands on experience, it is the only in-depth Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing class available that covers testing in all modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments.

E|CSA Details

Download course outline of E|CSA from here.

The ECSA v9 exam includes 2 required stages.
Report writing stage requires candidates to perform various penetration testing exercises on EC-Council’s iLabs before submitting a penetration test report to EC-Council for assessment. Candidates that submit reports to the required standards will be provided with exam vouchers for the multiple choice exam.

Multiple choice exams are proctored online through the EC-Council Exam portal:

Credit Towards Certification: ECSA v9
Number of Questions: 150 Test Duration: 4 hours