Threat Management

Threat Management Service

We help our customers design, develop and manage threat management programs, including: managing threats through our vulnerability management framework, advising on open source security risks and compliance using software composition analysis, assessing and mitigating advanced persistent threats through advanced technology services.

Cybercriminals exploit modern technologies to commit illegal activities, ranging from identity theft to the penetration of online services. Along with the vulnerability management challenges faced by any large enterprise, organizations confront risks and vulnerabilities from managing heterogeneous devices and applications, mobile devices (managed and unmanaged), and cloud-based applications and systems.

Typical challenges faced by organizations across industries include:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Remediation of application vulnerabilities
  • Open source security and compliance
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Social engineering and phishing attacks

We help clients protect their data, manage security and vulnerabilities, and govern risk and compliance programs.

  • Vulnerability Management - Today, individuals expect to be able to use any device to access any application, from anywhere around the world. This opens a company’s technologies and applications to many vulnerabilities. We help clients establish their vulnerability management framework, policy and processes, and then help them manage vulnerabilities by using our lifecycle approach.

  • Open Source Security & Compliance - We enable organizations to use and reuse code from many sources – and do so while reducing the risk of license violations, software vulnerabilities, and export control violations.
  • Security Advisory Services - We help organizations identify and protect application data by building a security framework, security design patterns, and then secure development of respective controls within the application. Our certified professionals work with the client development team from the requirement phase all the way through to the production phase.
  • Advanced Persistent Threats Detection & Mitigation - We help our customers evaluate if there are any vulnerabilities that can lead to APT attacks. We can also detect if malware or rootkits are already deployed in environments which could be uploading sensitive data to third party servers without the client’s IT monitoring team’s knowledge. We work with our clients to devise APT risk mitigation strategies to counter APT attacks.
  • Advanced Security Testing Services - We help our clients identify vulnerabilities in applications which are built on the latest technologies or languages such as Web 2.0, HTML5, Web sockets, JSON, Ruby, etc. We utilize various tools including black box, gray box, and white box (security code review) approaches.
  • AppSec OnDemand - We assist our customers in managing application security risk, maintaining compliance, and protecting against security threats – without the expense of having to train staff or license security software.
  • Social Engineering - With Social Engineering, our clients can easily find out how prone their employees are to social engineering and phishing attacks. This helps increase employee’s phishing awareness and significantly reduces the chance of sensitive data loss.

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