Risk & Compliance Advisory

Risk & Compliance Advisory

We help our customers design, deploy, and manage information security programs. Our team of consultants assists in automating GRC frameworks, managing vendor risks, and achieving compliance with legal, regulatory, and industry requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, SOX, and HIPAA.

We serve clients across all industries, helping them to manage security risks and comply with multiple legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Control Design & Deployment
  • User Awareness Programs

Risk Assessments : Risk assessments can help identify potential security and compliance gaps and weaknesses for an organization. Many regulations and security best practices – such as HIPAA, OCC bulletins, PCI DSS, ISO27001, etc. – also require mandatory risk assessments.
We designs a risk assessment framework that combines the applicable legal and regulatory requirements with a maturity model similar to that of COBIT. The implementation of each information security area is measured against a 0-5 COBIT scale and is used to set goals for risk treatment plans.
Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Risk Analysis – Identify security assets and processes and analyze threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood of the risk.
  • Risk Treatment – Develop treatment options for the identified risk scenarios based on expected maturity level and budgets.
  • Prioritized Roadmap – Creating a prioritized, high-level roadmap to implement the treatment options. To provide maximum value, the roadmap addresses people, processes and technology components.

Control Design & Deployment : Organizations struggle with control decisions and designs as a part of their compliance initiatives or those that are derived from compliance assessment exercises. Our risk management framework services also include designing, testing, integrating, implementing and sustaining controls and technology solutions:

  • We help design and implement controls as a part of remediation exercises for standards, regulations and requirements including PCI DSS, SOX (IT GC), SSAE 16, and others.
  • Our control design work covers all security domains such as governance, risk, compliance, identity and access, data leakage, application security, vulnerability and threat management, security incident management, user awareness, etc.

We go beyond pure consulting to ensure our customers can implement the controls designs and operationalize them into their environment.

User Awareness Programs : In information security, people are typically the weakest link. The most sophisticated attacks – from spear-phishing to social engineering – exploit this weakness.
We help our clients strengthen human defenses by educating their people about security threats, prevention, and safeguards. Our services include:

  • Designing user awareness programs, including planning education models, content and content delivery mechanisms.
  • Customizing security awareness content for users, security practitioners, and executive management.

Formatting content delivery into standard presentations, classroom discussions, and e-learning multimedia modules that integrate with learning management systems.

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