Mobile Application Security Audit

Mobile Application Security

Mobile applications are becoming much more common and are often used to access sensitive information and functionality. Unless developers build mobile applications with security in mind, these applications can present serious security exposures, including insecure storage of sensitive information, sensitive client-side business logic, and mobile platform-specific vulnerabilities.

Ducara offers two types of Mobile Application Security Testing assessments to make mobile applications more resilient against attacks. Our assessment tests the application against the Mobile OWASP Top 10 as well as our Plynt Mobile Application Certification Criteria.

Based on the risk profile of the application, you may choose either one of the following two services or both –

  • Mobile Application Penetration Test.
  • Mobile Application Source Code Review.

We have been performing Mobile Application Security Testing Assessments (for applications such as Mobile Banking applications, M-Commerce applications, Mobile Payment systems, etc.) across various platforms

  • iPad Application Security Testing
  • iPhone Application Security Testing
  • Blackberry Application Security Testing
  • Android Application Security Testing
  • Nokia Application Security Testing
  • Windows Mobile Application Security Testing

We test mobile applications exhaustively for vulnerabilities that put your valued data at risk. We follow a threat profile-based test case derivation for your application. The threat profiles are derived from the different types of mobile applications that we have tested for the last 4 years as well as global standards like the OWASP Mobile Top 10 . We test and present the vulnerabilities with evidences. We also recommend relevant and contextual solutions for patching these vulnerabilities. Once the patching has been completed, the mobile application is retested. If the mobile application clears the Plynt Mobile Application Certification Criteria, the "Ducara Mobile Application Security Testing Certificate" is issued.

Ducara will provide a detailed report after the completion of the assessment. The report will highlight the weaknesses in the system along with evidences. It will also provide solutions for fixing each identified vulnerability. The report will benchmark the findings of the assessment with the OWASP Mobile Top 10 . In the case of a Plynt Certification project, the report would highlight the areas of non-compliance with the Plynt Mobile Criteria.

  • Helps you to eliminate threats by raising the threshold for potential intrusions, theft and fraud.
  • Provides you with the confidence that your application is secure.
  • Helps you to reduce your customer's security concerns regarding your mobile application.
  • Gives stakeholders the confidence that your mobile application meets the highest security standards in Mobile Security.
  • Satisfies the management as well as the external auditors that you have taken the necessary initiatives to safeguard the application against mobile threats.

What do we promise?

  • Your application is tested against the best of the security standards by skilled testers.
  • Accurate results are provided in less time by our automated-cum-manual approach.
  • On-demand service is ensured with the flexibility to schedule your tests.
  • Support is guaranteed throughout your mitigation life cycle.
  • You will receive a Plynt Certificate stating that your mobile application meets the Mobile Security requirements.
  • Your application will comply with the global OWASP Mobile Top 10 standard.

Emulating the approach used by hackers, we perform a controlled real-life evaluation of your mobile software application. Our experts identify security vulnerabilities related to your mobile application, interfaces to servers, databases, firewalls, internal servers, and network infrastructure configuration. Our report identifies specific vulnerabilities and provides detailed instructions to mitigate or eliminate each risk.

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