Cyber Crime Forensic

Cyber Crime Forensic

We do investigation in cyber crime cases or we also call them as e crime cases. Any sort of fake Id made to harm a person reputation, frauds in electronic money transfers, cyber security threats, sending threatening mails, email frauds, electronic financial frauds etc etc. We undertake investigation in all cases pertaining to the cyber law / crime.

Internet Crime Investigations is a very specialized field of investigations that go beyond the the resources of most police departments or law firms. Successful investigations require a blend of hard nosed investigation experience, understanding of the fraudulent schemes, internet and computer forensics, covert operations and involvement of legal expertise in these areas.

Our team will investigate the e-crime cases containing:

Internet Extortion | Determination and generation of fake IDS to harm a reputation | Threatening Email | Frauds in electronic money transfer. | Email / website hacking or email surveillance | Obscene Pornography or Offensive Content | Harassment | Credit card Frauds | Denial of service attack | Software piracy | IRC Crime | Phishing | Salami attack | Any other case involving a crime through computer

The most common types of fraud and cyber crime incidents we investigate are:

1. External Incidents -

  • Compromised systems, applications, servers and network devices.
  • Machines infected by viruses, Trojan horses and rootkits.
  • Denial of Service attacks against corporate infrastructure.
  • Phishing and social engineering attacks against corporate users.
  • Fake or confidential information spreading in the Internet.
  • Blackmailing

2. Internal Incidents -

  • Confidential information leakage and malicious activity by insiders.
  • Privilege escalation, unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Information and date destruction or other damage to corporate resources.

3. Counterfeiting Incidents -

  • Industrial and commercial espionage.
  • On-line trading of counterfeit corporate products.
  • On-line abuse of trademarks, licenses and copyright.

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